Location: Aberdeen, Lossie Place Northfield
Project: Large Masonry renovation for Aberdeen District Council

Aberdeen Aberdeen 2

This site in Aberdeen involved of 9 blocks of 3 storey homes all of which had been previously painted with a plyolite paint system that had failed and all of the gable end elevations were badly stained due to the bleeding through of some unknown contaminant.

Normally in cases like this where a structure has an existing paint coating applied, two coats of VALTTI Finngard Opaque is sufficient to upgrade the building onto a 10-15 year maintenance cycle however due to the very bad staining and bleed through occuring the decision was taken to apply Finngard primer S to the buildings before applying 2 coats of VALTTI Finngard Opaque.

The application of Finngard primer S enabled us to bind the existing fragile surface and add a further blocking layer to enable us to totally arrest the contamination bleeding which was leading to the staining.

This project was undertaken by Aberdeen district council housing maintenance department who required this project to fall into their 10-15 year 1 coat maintenance cycle.

Products used:

  • VALTTI Finngard primer S
  • VALTTI Finngard Opaque