Environmentally Friendly Paint

Valtti’s entire supply process is geared towards achieving eco efficiency, from paint production, to use of renewable natural materials and environmentally sound products, right through to how the paint is delivered. All of our interior products conform to the standard European VOC regulations as required but we also test our products independently at the Finnish indoor air quality institute to make sure that there is absolutely nothing in our paints which will effect the quality of air in your home. If you see an M1 label the paint is tested.


Our 250ml paint sample pots for Liquid Imagination are made using recyclable plastic and all of the cans we provide our paint in are made from recycled metal.


With our partner, Tikkurila, we have been at the forefront of environmental paint production techniques for decades.

All Tikkurila companies are committed to the following policies:

  • Products should be safe for people and the environment.
  • The goal of development of our production and delivery processes is to improve eco-effectiveness or the careful use of production inputs and resources.
  • Well-managed health, safety and environment issues reflect positively on a company's financial performance.
  • The prosperity of a company depends on the well being of its people.


We drive change in the market by promoting sustainable choices.

Goals and principles

  • Our responsibility approach covers the entire product lifecycle from sourcing raw materials and energy to supporting our end users.
  • We develop, produce, market, and deliver environmentally sustainable paints and coatings preferring the use of eco-efficient processes.
  • Reducing our ecological footprint will bring benefits to people, our business, and the environment.

Key indicators

  • Share of environmentally sustainable products, % of sales
  • Eco-efficiency of supply chain (energy consumption)
  • Material efficiency (material loss)


Back in 1994 Tikkurila's environmental system earned accreditation according to the BS 7750 standard; in 1996 this was changed to ISO 14001 certification.

In 1996 Tikkurila Oy was the first Finnish company and the third paint company in Europe to receive registration under the European Union's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

Most of Tikkurila's production units in various parts of Europe already have certified quality and environmental systems under the ISO series of standards.

Environmental commitment


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